HumanWild is an education platform designed to help you achieve movement freedom. Here you will find a physical education program primarily through the medium of our PULSE PROGRAM, an online subscription-based, monthly training program delivered via smart phone app or web browser. Our online program intelligently pulls elements from many disciplines to bring you some of the most effective exercises and drills. The cross discipline program is woven together to help anyone bring their body into balance for optimal strength, range and skill development.

          The scope of HumanWild content and philosophy extends beyond “fitness” to encompass other key elements of a robust life, such as sleep, play, mindset, and nutrition, with the express goal of knitting them back together and reconnecting you to the wild that is in us all. This is achieved through HumanWild eBooks, resource recommendations, coach client dialog, and group zoom sessions.

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Mr. Fjord

Mover – Artist – Teacher – Student

My time as a youth wasn’t spent playing team sports, but rather I filled my days (and nights) vaulting fences, climbing trees, running from neighborhood dogs, jumping off rooftops, and getting into that which would, on the surface, be considered “mischief.” In truth, this period served as a fundamental time of discovery and exploration of my mental and physical limitations and abilities, the world around me and my place in it. As I inched closer towards adulthood, where the dim cultural expectation is to assimilate to a sedentary work-life, I stumbled across Parkour, which served as a pivotal turning point that shaped my journey forward.

Parkour provided me with a legitimate framework to pursue and foster my natural human abilities to walk, run, jump, crawl, roll, climb, and balance outside of conventional sports. Movement helped me build a sense of self-confidence and a unique and tangible relationship with my capabilities based on truth rather than frivolous and arbitrary metrics so commonly applied today. As I furthered this natural movement practice, no matter where I traveled or what company I found myself in, I naturally connected with people on this common ground of having a body in motion. I discovered a profound passion for sharing, teaching, and learning about the human body. I also began to recognize the lack of a well-rounded bodily education in the majority of those I met, be they athletes or people that didn’t actively look after their bodies; very few could truly move with confidence and grace, nor did they have an honest understanding of how to care for and prevent injury.

I began searching for the most universal tools from various disciplines that might help people rediscover their wild potential as humans; to help reverse the effects of living a modern, zoo-like human life and to return their bodies to a state of resilience and bring back physical self-efficacy. In this search, I have spent over a decade traveling, attending seminars and gaining noteworthy certifications, learning from leading coaches and teachers, seeking out mentors, earning collegiate degrees in kinesiology and nutrition, and exploring countless disciplines from gymnastics to swimming, all the while putting what I’ve learned to the test in my own practice. In 2016, I founded Pacific Northwest Gymnastic Strength Training (PNWGST), a small, independent gym in Corvallis, OR.

There I worked with hundreds of amazing humans from children as young as 6 to adults in their 70s, from all backgrounds and walks of life, testing varied approaches to reverse movement dysfunction and gain strength, flexibility and new skills to improve overall physical literacy. In 2019, I began to expand my offerings to the online community, which has expanded my ability to work with an even more diverse community of people.

While my personal practice and experiences are not institutionally classical, they are largely unique and in so many ways, priceless, as I have taken what I’ve learned and crafted it to fit my vision of a holistic physical practice. Below are the conventional and measurable accreditations I have accrued over the years:

  • 4 years as a Gymnastic Strength Training Gym Founder and Sole Operator
  • Level 2 Certified MovNat Instructor (Natural Movement Specialist)
  • BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach
  • 12 years exp. educating all ages in the ways of physical culture
  • B.S. in Kinesiology and Nutrition – Oregon State University 2016
  • GymnasticBodies™ Trainer Certification 2016
  • GymnasticBodies™ Athlete Certification 2016
  • 3 years professional KIEP athletic and personal movement Corrective Trainer
  • Kinetic Integration Exercise Professional Certification from Guido Van Ryssegem, ATC, RN, CSCS, NBFE.
  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Oregon State University Mens Rowing Team, Varsity 4/ Nationals, Bronze metal PAC 12 2013
  • 2007-present Parkour Athlete

My goal with HumanWild is to help reconnect people to their bodies and our wondrous human abilities absent of the modern stigmas surrounding fitness and exercise. It isn’t self-indulgent or vain to focus time, resources, and effort on your physical abilities and overall health; in fact, I would argue that it is vital if you aim to thrive and be of true service to your community. The happier, healthier, and more capable you are, the better a human you can be to your loved ones, family, friends, community, and world at large. Humans are historically robust and wild in the depth and breadth in our abilities. It is within us all to reconnect and restore our inner HumanWild.