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THE Pulse Program

The Pulse Program is your way to having the eyes and experience of an expert coach in the palm of your hand during every workout you do without the high cost of in-person private coaching. This is an ongoing monthly subscription program designed to build up, maintain or expand your current physical capacities. Think of the Pulse Program as the ultimate Human Physical Preparatory Program (HPPP), the program you do to become a more capible human first and then apply that capacity to whatever your heart desires. This program is scalable for all levels!


The capacity to generate or withstand force or pressure regardless of the circumstances.


The ability to demonstrate strength throughout an entire biologically normal range of motion.


The aptitude to exert the least amount of effort to achieve the highest level of performance.

The Pulse Program aims to foster all of the above components in a general fashion with the purpose of lateral carryover into all other areas of your life. HumanWild EVENTS are a perfect place to apply your training.

Gymnastic Strength

Natural Movements




End Range Strength

What's included?

• Access to the TrueCoach app.

• 8 training sessions per week designed to build a balanced body, outlined with video demonstrations that include progressions and regressions for each exercise.

• A daily 10 minute head to toe joint routine.

• Constant communication via built-in direct messaging to the coach for any training related questions.

• Daily video feedback via built-in video and photo review. Loren Fjord personally reviews all your uploads.

• Exercise history function for tracking progress through the app.

• A physical assessment intake test and follow-up testing sessions. 

• FREE downloadable eBook guide to help you maximize your efforts and get the most out of your training.

• FREE ACCESS to the entire online PROGRAM LIBRARY to focus of specific goals.

• FREE ACCESS to the HumanWild Member resources library.

• Discount and priority registration for HumanWild EVENTS! 

ATTENTION – This program shines for those who are self-motivated. You truly get out what you put in with this platform. I will match your level of engagement, but you must do the work with a growth mentality approach.

Pulse Program

$ 99 Monthly
  • $1200 training value + $124 bonus program


The equipment needs are intentionally minimal for this program to allow you to keep getting after it while on the road or when you’re at home without access to a gym. The key pieces of equipment are a BAR, GYM RINGS, WALL SPACE and FLOOR SPACE. Optional equipment RESISTANCE BANDS, WEIGHTS. 


This program is contained in an app accessible by smartphone or computer. Every workout has clear instruction and video demos of the regressions and progressions of the exercises being worked including modifications for every level. Each week includes five 20-60 minutes sessions that cover a well rounded curriculum of flexibility, strength and skill work. Every session is optional and can be completely (fully or partially) on any day that suits your schedule. 

Intake Assessment

Program EBOOK