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Coming from a very athletic background, this is surprising to say, but HumanWild, and especially Loren, have completely changed my mind about what “being skilled” and “in control of yourself” means. Through these workouts, I have learned how to challenge my body and mind in the most holistic way. I discovered the power, strength, and flexibility my body could offer in a matter of weeks, and rebuilt my self-confidence in an even shorter timeframe. Loren’s unique experience and approach has the ability to make you feel in control but challenged, safe while pushing beyond your limits, and accomplished with always new opportunities to improve. This program is the best challenge and gift you can give to yourself, and Loren will be there along the way to take you to your goals in the most supportive and experienced way.
I am not a fitness person. I find traditional gyms boring and they don't motivate me to exercise. I have enjoyed Loren’s Program because I can do the fun stuff like handstands and jumping. The sessions are great because you learn a lot and can exercise at your own level all from home. Understanding the carryover from the strength and flexibility work keeps me motivated to keep up with the program to be more in shape and have a better foundation for the fun things I like doing. I like that the exercise in his program dosen’t only focus on strength or getting your reps in like at a traditional gym, but on having strength for a full range of mobility. Lastly the sessions have modifications that make them challenging to most skill/fitness levels.
When I initially came across Loren's program, I decided to give it a try to supplement my training… I did not expect to fall in love with the practice in the way that I did… Loren has been impeccable at supporting me right at my level and helping me to work towards my individual goals. Not only have I become stronger and more flexible, but I have become passionate about this type of fitness/movement. It is a time I get to challenge personal limitations and simply, play. Being able to meet my goals and watch other do so too has translated to motivation and success in other aspects of my life.
When I first started working with Loren almost 2 years ago, I knew nothing about natural movement fitness or gymnastics strength training. As a Pilates Instructor for almost 20 years, I was immediately impressed by the expanse and diverse range of movement options, integrating hanging bars and gymnastics rings, balance and parkour elements. Everything was new and refreshingly challenging. Both the movement philosophy and skills I learned working with Loren have completely changed the way I move, how I train and how I teach movement. My Pilates clients enjoy the natural movement additions I’ve made to their workout sessions and I especially love swinging from my backyard hanging bar I added this summer and remember how much fun it is to play like a kid again – Thank you so much Loren!
Loren is a great, even-keeled trainer with a very holistic view of a strong healthy body. His program is much more focused on helping you create useful, enduring strength and flexibility than just showy muscles that can lead to injuries. I highly recommend you try the program.
I’ve gained a lot in one month of training. I’ve gained the confidence that I can achieve even more. If you’re wanting to work on your strength, flexibility and mobility don’t hesitate to try Loren’s training program. He puts a lot of thought into making this program well-rounded and suitable for a wide range of abilities."
It’s a great workout that feels like play- it’s pure fun!
If you are looking to build a physical practice you should try this program. My sister had me try a handstand session that engaged all sorts of muscle groups. Innovative and nonconventional yet the future hands down of physical fitness and training.
I was at the end of my rope before I met Loren. I had tried weight lifting, chiropractic and worked with personal trainers only having to quit due to an injury with pain too intense to continue. I stumbled on Loren’s site and saw the testimonials of clients overcoming their injuries with his training. I sent Loren an email and in truth I had doubts I would last a couple of weeks before an injury would flare up and that would be the end of it. That was put to rest shortly after reading through his eBook Guide and starting the program. He is a great guy and extremely supportive. His program can be altered to support the novice to advanced level. After four months of training not once did an injury flare up. The mobility has returned to my shoulder and the pain has abated. I highly recommend anyone overcoming an injury or just getting into exercise with a fun twist to try out Loren’s training!
Loren's program offers dynamic exercise for functional strength and optimal mobility. He is very good at helping you learn and assess your capabilities and showing you how to tailoring each exercise to your individual level. This allows everyone to start at a safe place and work toward their full potential. It also provides room for the incremental growth and improvement that keeps me motivated. Over the past few months this program has already begun to make me stronger, more flexible, more mobile, and have improved my range of motion. Loren is encouraging, and that makes all the difference when it comes to motivation! I would recommend this for anyone who is looking to become a more functional human.
No matter the age or skill level, Loren has a way of bringing people into their own strength. He’s inspiring (in his own physical strength and ability), but never makes people feel weak. Loren is one of those teachers that helps you start where you are, but encourages and pushes you to dream big… I can’t say enough about how fun the work is (as well as challenging)... Anyone who is considering trying out his program, just do it. You don’t have to be strong to start. You’ll get stronger. If you want to change the way your body functions and have a lot of fun in the process, give it a try. These sessions are like nothing else I’ve encountered.
Loren has created more than a fitness routine, he's nurtured and continues to nurture a thriving community grounded in health, respect, and a whole-being approach… I'm actually experiencing increased mobility and strength in my mind, body, and life. The HumanWIld community is fun if you get a chance to go to any in person events, supportive and dynamic. Join us! You'll be amazed at how your abilities strengthen and expand into all areas of your life.
I am 56 years old, have been active my entire life and had accepted the inevitability of the aging process… I had shoulder mobility issues that were limiting my movement and had been causing pain in my left shoulder for years. Once I began working with Loren at HumanWild, it took several months to remedy the issue- during which time I was introduced to the foreign concepts of "open shoulders" and "neuroplasticity". Working with Loren has improved my mobility to the point where I am using much more of my body. This has resulted in improved balance, agility, speed, power and endurance. It’s a total blast! There is no better time than now to start and no better place than at HumanWild!
When I started with Loren… I wanted to stop the slide downhill that comes from getting older, getting busy and not maintaining yourself. After a few months with HumanWild I was surprised to find that I had set my expectations too low. I’ve gone past rehabilitation and past maintenance and now I am building strength and flexibility well above anything I expected. Part of this comes from building the entire body up systematically. Now my back is healthy, as well as my shoulders. I am stronger than I have been in at least a decade if not more. Everything Loren has built into the program can be adjusted to accommodate individual levels of health and fitness. I can attest to this from all the work arounds we came up with to deal with a broken wrist this fall.
I joined this program for two reasons initially: 1) I have an old low back injury and I wanted to strength it to keep the pain away and 2) to help combat the 8 plus hours I spend working at a computer every day. Working through the program and working with Loren has exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only am I meeting my two goals, but I have been feeling more confident in my physical ability and have done things (like half handstands, skin the cats and more) that I never thought I was capable of doing. I have made goals to achieve this year and I know with Loren’s coaching I will be able to achieve them.
My favorite thing about Loren's program is the variety of exercises we do even if a session is focusing on core and legs or handstands… If you are looking for a program where you will not only get stronger but also more flexible and mobile than this is for you.
I was hesitant at first and completely didn’t know what to expect. After the first month I was hooked; hooked to Loren’s way of training; hooked to how much fun it all is! I have gained so much strength and confidence in myself from his program and I would recommend everyone to give it a try! Working with Loren has improved my mobility to the point where I am using much more of my body. This has resulted in improved balance, agility, speed, power and endurance. It’s a total blast! There is no better time than now to start and no better place than here!
If you are very lucky in this life, you get to meet "The Teacher". The person who comes along just when you need them, to teach you exactly what it is you need to know. Loren is one of "The Teachers". I can honestly say that through his program and communicating with him regularly I get stronger and learn to move more intelligently each week... I encourage anyone to try Loren's program.
If you want to gain strength and mobility in a safe and thoughtful way then you should join the program! You will learn proper technique under Loren’s positive and watchful eye 😊. Don’t be intimidated as the program works for anyone. I look forward to the sessions... they are challenging but also relaxing! I am gaining strength on my own and need PT much less.
I can touch my toes now! Strongest I have ever been and my joints feel great! Loren is and amazing trainer and more of a friend first with a lot of personalized tips and care for each person's needs. This program is incredible, I am so thankful to be apart of it!
Loren is one of the most inspiring coaches that I have met. He teaches with a holistic and systematic approach to movement. He is also very knowledgeable about nutrition if you ask him about it. His program is both fun and challenging at the same time. I often feel like I am learning new ways of movement when I work through the sessions. What is inspiring about Loren is that he constantly tries to evolve himself and lead a healthy life by example. Besides being one of the most knowledgeable coaches I have met he is also one of the fittest people I have seen!
This program will make you strong! Loren is a fantastic trainer who will make you feel comfortable and supported no matter what crazy feats he has devised for the day. Hanging upside down - no problem. Monkey bars? You can do it. Pull ups are my personal goal and I know with his attention this is going to be the year. He is super supportive so no matter your level of fitness you will be cheered on, challenged, and welcomed.
This program offers an alternative type of fitness that I never thought I could do. Loren pushed me out of my comfort zone without making me feel uncomfortable. To give you background on myself, I've always exercised and for a period of time even at an elite level, but I never felt like I had the coordination to do gymnastics style strength training. Loren's confidence in his students and ability to break the movements down to be accessible to all levels made GST something fun/hard/exciting to learn. As I got better, Loren encouraged me to try the next level up. If the movement was too hard he found a movement I could do to work toward my goals. I could never do more than 1 pull up before and 6 months later I can do 3 sets of 3. I thought skin the cats were some exotic exercise I saw in the Olympics and now I can do one with some floor assist. I found myself getting stronger in ways I wasn't even practicing. For example, I could never do a cartwheel before, and now my family is impressed with my form. If you are curious to push yourself out of your box, to do things you may never thought you could do, HumanWIld and Coach Loren has created something special that will truly help you succeed. Highly recommend!
When I first started with Loren, I told him my biggest fear was that I would try really hard and never get better at anything. He reassured me that people can always make progress. Every step of the way he showed me that my best on any given day was enough. Loren leads by his own example of living a purposeful life with hard work and dedication, without judgement. His own story inspires drive and commitment. Loren’s particular coaching talent lies in being able to set the bar just high enough that you have to work for it but you get the opportunity to be successful. He knows how to meet you where you are and help you progress. In two years, Loren has coached me from zero chin ups to a 6 rep max, an 18 second free-standing handstand, pulling over bars, climbing trees, trying bouldering, vaulting over boxes, and more. Loren has seen me through injuries where I have come back stronger than before because of his coaching. As I have progressed, I have enjoyed watching Loren coach others to incredible gains as well. We are all working toward becoming better versions of ourselves together. At age 43 I am in the best shape of my life. More importantly, working with Loren has helped me build mental, emotional, and social resilience. I am profoundly changed from our work together. Investing in Loren as a coach will make you stronger in more ways than you might imagine.